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  • July 8th – August 16th, 2024

Mazatlan, Mexico

A Nation 1500 USD

B Nation 1250 USD

C Nation 1000 USD

Course Description

Learn how to use business as mission

The Transformational Business Seminar (TBS) teaches you to start and run a godly, profitable business with the purpose of bringing God’s kingdom to earth. This seminar is designed for those that have a passion for knowing God and making him known, interest in fulfilling the Great Commission to the nations, and a passion/interest in business.

This seminar will offer teaching from experienced business owners who have been involved in Business as Missions or have extensive experience in business. You will also learn how to use business to reach people of different cultures.

This is a bilingual course offered in English and Spanish.

Some topics you’ll cover:

During this school you will have the opportunity to develop a step-by-step business plan for your business as well as a Kingdom Plan. In addition, we’ll have a chance to analyze Business As Mission projects that are operating in different parts of the world and the keys to their longevity and success.

  • How to use business to reach people
  • Biblical worldview for business
  • God’s heart for missions and for business
  • YWAM values in business (calling, covering, and commitment)
  • Hearing the voice of God in business
  • The spiritual power of money
  • Financial education
  • Vision and mission development
  • Research on business proposals and marketing
  • Teamwork

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