To know God and make Him known through business

We pursue spiritual, social, economic and environmental transformation of least reached and underprivileged people, communities and nations.

Business With A Mission (BWAM) is a network of the Youth With A Mission (YWAM) family who are committed to know God and make Him know through business.

Business as mission (BAM) is a growing mission strategy in the world today that seeks to bring positive spiritual, economic, social and environmental transformation to the least, the last and the lost. BWAM simply means YWAMers that are doing BAM.

BWAMers live out their missionary service in YWAM through business; the business is their ministry. They fully participate in the YWAM movement and are led by the 18 YWAM Values and 7 BWAM Values.

Business With A Mission is just one avenue that God is using in YWAM to accelerate the completion of the Great Commission and to demonstrate the Greatest Commandment. BWAM goes beyond conducting business in a godly or ethical way, or even doing business to generate finances to fund other kinds of ministry, although these are commendable. Rather, BWAM is intentional about integrating our mission with our business. While profitability and excellent business standards should be foundations of any sustainable business – and will be an outcome of BWAM – they are not our end goal. Our primary motivation is to start and build businesses that have clear missional goals. A BWAM business is a sustainable business with a missional focus.


If you are new to BWAM, we recommend you start by reading these core resources.


A small gathering was called in Hyderabad, India in 2010 to gather those involved in YWAM in Business As Missions. About 20 of us met and felt that it would be advantageous to meet again and to start a group that would work together to encourage one another in the calling to work within Youth With A Mission doing Business As Missions. This group consisted of YWAMers mostly from Asia doing BAM, but a few more from other places. At this time we discussed what we should call ourselves and we felt that Business With A Mission should be our name to always remind us that we were committed to the YWAM values and mission, but doing it through business.

After that first meeting we as a small group decided we should continue to meet regularly, but found that Thailand would be a more central location for people to meet. We have been running annual BWAM conferences in Chiang Mai, Thailand since 2013. This annual ‘BWAM Summit’ has grown and continues to grow.

In 2014 we began our first “Shark Tank” type of event, which has become an annual part of our Summit. In 2013 the University of the Nations approached us to bring BWAM in as a Centre of the U of N and this has since been established as the Centre for Economic Development.


We Value


The intentional integration of business and mission

We come in the opposite spirit of greed, embracing the opportunity to give generously of our time, talents and the wealth we create.


Connection to the YWAM family

Our actions are shaped by a Biblical view of work, business, and economics that calls us to steward resources and create jobs with dignity so that communities can flourish.


Christ-honoring integrity

We operate businesses that honor Christ in decisions and business practices, that follow the lead of the Holy Spirit and embrace integrity at all levels.


Excellent business practice 

We are committed to build strong, profitable, sustainable companies that operate according to good business principles for the benefit of all stakeholders: our customers, our co-workers, our community.


Serving with humility

We come in the opposite spirit of pride, embracing the opportunity to be servant leaders in the marketplace.


Giving generously

We are called to businesses that show people the Kingdom of God and introduce them to Christ through every aspect of business life.


Work as worship

As YWAMers we integrate the YWAM values into all we do in business and are committed to maintaining fruitful relationships and connections within our YWAM family.


We have put together a list of recommended, fruitful practices for those doing Business With A Mission.

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