SOBE – Latin America (On Campus Cohort)

Course Details

  • Cohort Course Dates: Starting September 25th, 2023 – Curitiba, Brazil
  • Cohort Course Dates: Starting January 5th, 2024 – Central America TBC

September 2023: 12-week SOBE Cohort in Curitiba Brazil

January 2024: 12-week SOBE Cohort in Central America, location TBC

  • Lecture Phase: $2,600 (World A), $1,800 (World B). $1,600 (World C) – Includes Campus Food and Housing

  • Optional Internship: varies depending on trip and location

Course Registrar: [email protected]

Visit Website

For the September 2023 12-week SOBE Cohort in Curitiba Brazil – If you are Brazilian and wish to attend this training, you can visit the web site of the YWAM Brazil host base here to learn more and apply. If you are English speaking then you will apply and pay for the school through applying at YWAM Colorado Springs here.

Course Description

The School of Business & Entrepreneurship (SOBE) teaches you to use business as a tool to see God’s redemption and transformation in a culture with a specific focus of impacting the least-reached peoples on the planet. Pioneered globally in YWAM at our campus in 2014, the SOBE is a ground-breaking secondary course that introduces fundamental core business topics.

Our speakers include BAM practitioners from the field, as well as successful business people with missions experience from our local community. Running parallel to the teaching, students are writing a business plan, incorporating all that they have learned from each speaker. Our business experienced staff and our network of BAM mentors come alongside the students throughout the weeks to assist them.

Course content includes:

  • Marketing
  • Relational Sales
  • Operations and Fulfillment
  • Product Development
  • Brand Management
  • Lean Startup/Minimum Viable Product
  • Business Law
  • Business Finance
  • Introduction to Business as Mission
  • The Biblical Purpose and Values of Business
  • Integrating the Business and the Mission
  • Apostolic Entrepreneurship
  • Weekly BAM Case Studies

This cohort option is an alternative to our 12-week Online SOBE. Students who want more live elements to the school will want to consider coming to take part in the Campus Cohort version of the Course.

The cohort students will continue to interact with the online students as they would in every Online SOBE.  This means participatingin live zoom events with all the students around the globe and with that weeks instructors.

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