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  • September 29 – November 19, 2022

Los Angeles, USA

USD $2085 (approximately)

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This 7 week seminar dives into the biblical foundation of “Business As Missions” (BAM), and trains participants in the basics of starting a business, as well as demonstrating how business can be used in bringing the Gospel to restricted nations, empowering the poor and needy, leading to transformation of communities and nations. Some of the topics covered include understanding the concepts and history of missions in general and BAM in particular, entrepreneurship, creating vision and mission statements, developing a business plan, marketing, innovation, sales and distribution, risk-taking in faith, and discipleship and leadership in business.


– Biblical foundation of Business
– Examples of Business as Mission
– Innovation and creating with God
– Marketing
– How to develop a business plan
– Brand Management
– Marketing
– Pricing and How to make a budget
– Integrating Business & Mission
– Operational plan and legalities
– Business Law
– Kingdom Leadership In Business

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